Promoting access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis

INEE Strategic Plan

The INEE Strategic Plan 2015-2017 is available in English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish.

INEE developed the Strategic Plan 2015-2017 through a highly consultative, yearlong process, engaging its diverse members and strategic partners to set the network’s direction. As a community of practice, INEE seeks to advance the rapidly evolving field of EiE and meet the educational rights, needs, and aspirations of people affected by disasters, conflicts, crises, and other situations of adversity. The INEE Strategic Plan 2015-2017 represents our collective plan for achieving the network’s goal: 

To enable quality, safe, and relevant education for all in emergencies and crisis contexts through prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.

INEE believes this goal can be achieved through a focus on the following four strategic priorities in the context of emergencies, chronic crisis, and reconstruction: 

  • Strategic Priority 1: To serve as a global advocate and thought leader, promoting education for all and in all circumstances. 
  • Strategic Priority 2: To foster the strengthening of the evidence base through partnerships that inform research, policy, and practice across humanitarian and development contexts. 
  • Strategic Priority 3: To increase the availability and accessibility of knowledge and information which builds upon and improves capacities to deliver education for all. 
  • Strategic Priority 4: To foster an engaged, inclusive and diverse membership, and build strategic partnerships to achieve all other strategic priorities. 

In all of its work, INEE employs collaborative, consensus-driven, and inter-agency approaches. INEE supports its members collectively and individually through its core functions of: community-building, convening, knowledge management, amplifying and advocating, facilitating and learning, and providing. Throughout the three years of this plan, these network functions will guide the identification and prioritization of network activities. 
The challenges to achieving our goal are varied and complex; they cannot be solved through a predefined linear path, but require creativity, collaboration, and taking advantage of our collective strengths. We invite you to download and read through the INEE Strategic Plan 2015-2017 document and consider how you and your organization will contribute to each of the priorities.