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INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Pack [all files, all languages]

English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Conflict Sensitive Education, Education and Fragility, Education Policy, INEE Minimum Standards
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Manual/Handbook/Guidance Document, Policy Document
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INEE_CSE_Guidance_Note_EN 2 MB Download
INEE_CSE_Guidance_Note_ES 1 MB Download
INEE_CSE_Guidance_Note_FR 2 MB Download
INEE_CSE_Guidance_Note_PT 1 MB Download
INEE_CSE_Guidance_Note_AR 771 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Guidance_Note_Dari 7 MB Download
INEE_CSE_Guidance_Note_Pashto 2 MB Download
INEE_CSE_Guiding_Principles_EN 73 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Guiding_Principles_ES 77 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Guiding_Principles_FR 78 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Guiding_Principles_PT 60 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Guiding_Principles_AR 94 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Reflection_Tool_EN 206 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Reflection_Tool_ES 142 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Reflection_Tool_FR 214 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Reflection_Tool_PT 139 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Reflection_Tool_AR 280 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Quick_Reference_Tool_EN 587 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Quick_Reference_Tool_ES 725 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Quick_Reference_Tool_FR 627 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Pack_Intro_EN 491 KB Download
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INEE_CSE_Pack_Intro_PT 325 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Pack_Talking_Points_EN 174 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Pack_Talking_Points_ES 89 KB Download
INEE_CSE_Pack_Presentation_EN 1 MB Download
INEE_CSE_Pack_Presentation_ES 932 KB Download
INEE_CSE_List_of_Additional_Resources_EN 102 KB Download
User_Feedback_Form_CSE_Pack_final 155 KB Download


INEE developed the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education (CSE) Pack in order to support the integration of conflict sensitivity in education policies and programmes in conflict-affected and fragile contexts. This Pack contains the following files, available in English (EN), español (ES), français (FR), português (PT), العربيه (AR), Dari, Pashto:

- INEE Guidance Note on CSE (EN, ES, FR, PT, AR, Dari, Pashto)
- INEE CSE Guiding Principles (EN, ES, FR, PT, AR)
- INEE CSE Reflection Tool (EN, ES, FR, PT, AR)
- INEE CSE Quick Reference Tool (EN, ES, FR)

Along with several supporting materials:

- Introduction to the INEE CSE Pack (EN, FR, PT)
- INEE CSE Pack Talking Points (EN, ES)
- INEE CSE Pack Presentation (EN, ES)
- List of Additional Resources (EN only)