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Inclusive Education Support Kit, Mercy Corps Jordan

Inclusive Education
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Manual/Handbook/Guidance Document
Mercy Corps Jordan Inclusive Education Team
Mercy Corps Jordan
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MC inclusive education Team in the Jordan Office created 2 Inclusive education tool kits to support children with disabilities:

A. The individual support tool kit for the use of shadow teachers, consisting of:

1- A checklist, and this assesses 128 skills under 11 domains (Pre-writing, perceptual, reading, writing, Math, ADLs, Social interaction, Fine Motor, Hearing, Speech, and Physical skills)
2- A Goal bank, and this includes guidance on how write the most appropriate long and short term goals in the individual plan and educational plan
3- A Scale guide, and this includes tests, and instructions on how to administer the checklist
4- Pre-writing and Perception worksheets
5- Reading & Writing Worksheets
6- Math Worksheets
7- Individual Plan
8- Educational Plan
9- Assistance Form Continuous
10- Daily Schedule
11- Hearing & Speech Exercises
12- Physical Therapy Guide

B. The general support tool kit for the use of class room teachers, consisting of:

1. How identify different disabilities in class
2. How to support CWDs in class according to their disabilities
3. Differentiation