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Tertiary Education

INEE Framing Paper 1 - Education and Opportunity: Post-Primary and Income Growth

Joshua Chaffin, INEE   |   PDF

This paper considers the connections between post-primary education (PPE) for crisis-affected youth, and Income Growth interventions. This complex and poorly-understood ‘gray area’ of emergencies and development work is of increasing

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Disaster Reduction School Unit/Lesson Plan

Mark Medley, Mark Medley   |   Word Doc

The lesson/Unit plan is actually designed for Middle School Students at an IB School who study Individuals & Societies, but feel free to edit the details and use some

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Centering Higher Education in the Global Movement for Refugee Education

Maia Bix, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs   |   PDF

The global movement for refugee education is gaining momentum. Spurred in part by the Syrian crisis, prominent actors from Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai2 to United Nations Special Envoy for Global

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Tracing pathways to higher education for refugees

Negin Dahya & Sarah Dryden-Peterson, Comparative Education - Routledge   |   PDF

In this paper, we explore the role of online social networks in the cultivation of pathways to higher education for refugees, particularly for women. We compare supports garnered in local

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Higher education as the catalyst of recovery in conflict-affected societies

Sansom Miller & Sultan Barakat , Globalisation, Societies and Education   |   PDF

This article examines the role of higher education in the recovery of conflict-affected societies and argues that while the sector is typically a very low reconstruction priority, it has the

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The responsibility to protect and rebuild higher education in the Arab World

Sultan Barakat and Sansom Milton, Brookings Doha Center   |   PDF

Over the past few years, higher education has been a frequent casualty of the violent conflicts sweeping the Middle East. Campuses have been bombed in Syria, Gaza and now Yemen;

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The War Follows Them: Syrian University Students & Scholars in Lebanon

Keith David Watenpaugh, Adrienne L. Fricke, and James R. King, Institute of International Education, Inc.   |   PDF

The crisis in Syria continues to have a devastating impact on professors, university students, and the education sector, not only in Syria but also in the neighboring countries that are

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Fortalecimiento del CSUCA para apoyar la integración de la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres

CSUCA, CECC/SICA   |   Powerpoint

Presentación del Proyecto CSUCA-COSUDE:“Fortalecimiento del CSUCA para apoyar la integración de la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres (GIRD) y la Adaptación al Cambio Climático (

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INEE Bi-Weekly Bulletin, 1 February 2011


The INEE Bi-Weekly Bulletin contains the latest information and resources related to education in emergencies. In this Bulletin - 1 February 2011 CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Common Policy Agenda on Learning CALL FOR

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Manual para Trabajar Gestion de Riesgo en el Aula - Educacion de Adultos

Ministerio de Educación - Rep. Dominicana, MINERD   |   PDF

Las personas jóvenes y adultas tienen la responsabilidad de asumir el liderazgo en los procesos de Gestión del Riesgo, en su familia, escuela y comunidad. Es necesario estar

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