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School Code of Conduct Teacher Training Manual

Jess Shaver, Vibeke Ansen, Charlotte Bogh, and Charlotte Beyer, Save the Children   |   PDF

The School Code of Conduct (SCOC) training programme is designed to be used by Save the Children education staff to enable teachers and education personnel to implement governmental Teachers’ Codes

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School Code of Conduct: How to Create a Quality Learning Environment

Save the Children, Save the Children   |   PDF

Save the Children has developed a School Code of Conduct training manual with a 5 days training program in order to contribute to a good quality learning environment.

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The Cost and Benefits of Education in Iraq


There has been remarkable progress in education in Iraq. Enrolment in primary education grew tremendously over the past decade, increasing at about 4.1% per year. As of 2015-2016, 9.2 million students are

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Exploring the Linkages between Education Sector Governance…Conflict, Peacebuilding in South Sudan

Mario Novelli, Gabrielle Daoust, Jan Selby, Rosario Scandurra, Luka Biong Deng Kuol, Emma Salter, UNICEF   |   PDF

This resource is part of a collection of resources compiled by UNICEF’s 2012-2016 Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy Programme (PBEA), known as “Learning for Peace”, which was funded by the

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Plan Integral de Seguridad Escolar (PISE)

ONEMI, ONEMI   |   Web Page

El Plan Integral de Seguridad Escolar (PISE) es un instrumento articulador de los variados programas de seguridad destinados a la comunidad educativa, aportando de manera sustantiva al desarrollo de una

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Iniciativa Mundial para Escuelas Seguras

GADRRRES, 2016   |   PDF

La Alianza Global para la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres y Resiliencia en el Sector de la Educación (GADRRRES por sus siglas en inglés) define una “escuela

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Curriculum, Accreditation, and Certification for Syrian Children

UNICEF MENA, Unite For Children/UNICEF   |   PDF

This study presents selected education programmes available for Syrian children in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt, including curricula used and the certification and accreditation of education programmes in

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Preparación Escolar ante Emergencias y Desastres

Ministerio de Educación de República Dominicana, Ministerio de Educación de República Dominicana   |   PDF

Conscientes de la importancia de la preservación de la vida y del derecho a la educación aún en situaciones de emergencias, esta herramienta forma parte de la

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Índice de Seguridad Escolar – Rep. Dominicana

Ministerio de Educación de República Dominicana, Ministerio de Educación de República Dominicana   |   PDF

La Herramienta del Índice de Seguridad Escolar República Dominicana (ISCERD) del Ministerio de Educación de República Dominicana (MINERD), es parte integral del Plan Estratégico de Gestió

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Estándares e indicadores para la educación en situaciones de emergencia

Ministerio de Educacion Ecuador, Ministerio de Educacion Ecuador   |   PDF

El Ministerio de Educación, en su documento “Estándares de calidad Educativa”, los define como “Los estándares de calidad educativa son descripciones de los logros esperados correspondientes a

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