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Safe Schools and Learning Environments

INEE Minimum Standards Case Study: Temporary Learning Spaces in South Sudan

Mugabi Fred, Hold the Child, INEE   |   PDF

This case study describes the use of the INEE Minimum Standards by Hold the Child (HCO) to ensure community participation and coordination in creating temporary learning spaces (TLS) in Jonglei

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Original INEE Training Package Adaptation: Safe Learning Environment

INEE, INEE   |   Powerpoint, Word Doc

This scenario and related roles highlight issues of abuse and exploitation in learning environments, with a focus on how they affect girls. In particular, it addresses the incidence and impact

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Protection Resources for EiE

Andrea Diaz-Varela and Rita Lo, INEE   |   PDF

This matrix offers a wide array of resources for use in Protection in Education in Emergency contexts.

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The Protective Role of Education: Mapping Critical Intersections with Child Protection

Andrea Diaz-Varela and Rita Lo, INEE   |   PDF

This document has been updated and consolidated in a new paper in October 2018: Where Child Protection and Education in Emergency Cross: A mapping by the INEE Advocacy Working Group -

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Disaster Reduction School Unit/Lesson Plan

Mark Medley, Mark Medley   |   Word Doc

The lesson/Unit plan is actually designed for Middle School Students at an IB School who study Individuals & Societies, but feel free to edit the details and use some

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Bulletin: Response & Resilience, November 2017

UNESCO's Desk for Education in Emergencies , UNESCO   |   PDF

This bulletin showcases UNESCO EiE responses to disasters that recently hit in Peru, Nepal and Madagascar. This update is available in English, French, and Spanish. Response and Resilience - An

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INEE Thematic Paper - Preventing Violent Extremism


An introduction to education and preventing violent extremism. There remains limited consensus on how to define violent extremism. This paper highlights some of the more commonly used concepts and working

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School Code of Conduct Teacher Training Manual

Jess Shaver, Vibeke Ansen, Charlotte Bogh, and Charlotte Beyer, Save the Children   |   PDF

The School Code of Conduct (SCOC) training programme is designed to be used by Save the Children education staff to enable teachers and education personnel to implement governmental Teachers’ Codes

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Seguridad Escolar Integral (2017)


La Alianza Global para la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres y Resiliencia en el Sector de la Educación (GADRRRES por sus siglas en inglés) define una “escuela

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Community engagement to strengthen social cohesion and child protection in Chad and Burundi

Philip Cook, Michele Cook, Natasha Blanchet Cohen, Armel Oguniyi, Jean Sewanou, International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD)   |   PDF

This resource is part of a collection of resources compiled by UNICEF’s 2012-2016 Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy Programme (PBEA), known as “Learning for Peace”, which was funded by the

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