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What Works to Promote Children’s Educational Access, Quality of Learning, and Wellbeing in Crisis

Dana Burde, Ozen Guven, Jo Kelcey, Heddy Lahmann, Khaled Al-Abbadi, INEE, DFID, NYU   |   PDF

This study is a rigorous review of evidence found in the literature that shows which interventions promote educational access, quality of learning, and wellbeing among children who live in crisis-affected

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Capacitación de Docentes de Primaria en Contextos de Crisis

Teachers in Crisis Contexts Working Group (TICCWG), TICCWG   |   PDF

El paquete de capacitación responde a una brecha crítica en los materiales de capacitación de docentes de código abierto y basados en las competencias, que proporcionan

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INEE Guidance Note on Psychosocial Support

INEE, Zahirah McNatt, Dr. Neil Boothby, Dr. Mike Wessells, Rita Lo, INEE   |   PDF

The purpose of the INEE Guidance Note on Psychosocial Support is to clarify the importance of supporting the psychosocial wellbeing of children and youth, and to offer specific strategies for

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Promising Practices in Refugee Education Synthesis Report

Charlotte Bergin, Education Adviser, Save the Children, Save the Children   |   PDF

Promising Practices in Refugee Education is a joint initiative of Save the Children, the world’s largest independent children’s rights organisation, UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, and Pearson, the

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INEE Thematic Paper - Preventing Violent Extremism


An introduction to education and preventing violent extremism. There remains limited consensus on how to define violent extremism. This paper highlights some of the more commonly used concepts and working

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Refugee Education: The Crossroads of Globalization

Sarah Dryden-Peterson , Educational Researcher   |   PDF

In this article, I probe a question at the core of comparative education—how to realize the right to education for all and ensure opportunities to use that education for

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Strategic Research Into the Youth Education Pack

Josh Chaffin, Dale Buscher, and Tommy Ng, Norwegian Refugee Council   |   PDF

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) engaged the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) to conduct an external review of the Youth Education (YEP) model. The project was an opportunity to compare

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Curriculum, Accreditation, and Certification for Syrian Children

UNICEF MENA, Unite For Children/UNICEF   |   PDF

This study presents selected education programmes available for Syrian children in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt, including curricula used and the certification and accreditation of education programmes in

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INEE Bi-Weekly Bulletin, 17 Aug 2015


Highlights - Call for Applications: INEE Working Group on Minimum Standards - International Youth Day 2015 Calls for Action - Cast your vote for #DrawDisability - Nomination call for UNESCO-Hamdan Prize 2015

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Assessing the Strength of Evidence in the Education Sector

DFID, UNICEF,USAID, The World Bank Group, BE2 donor working group   |   PDF

The Assessing the Strength of Evidence in the Education Sector Guidance Note provides an introduction to the appraisal of the quality of individual studies and the assessment of the strength

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