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Literacy and Numeracy

Effective Literacy Programmes: Options for Policy-Makers

John Oxenham, UNESCO   |   PDF

In this booklet, John Ozenham focuses on literacy and numeracy skills that enable people to capitalize better on knowledge of other subjects, to participate more in the social and political

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Literacy for Life for Children

UNESCO, Education Cluster South Sudan, Ministry of Education South Sudan, UNESCO, Education Cluster South Sudan, Ministry of Education South Sudan   |   PDF

The Literacy for Life activities prepare children who have little or no reading, writing or numeracy skills to enter formal education in primary schools or accelerated learning classes after an

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Accelerated Education Programs in Crisis and Conflict: Building Evidence and Learning

Pamela Baxter, Aparna Ramesh, Alicia Menendez, and Lindsay North, with input by Varuni Dayaratna, United States Agency for International Development   |   PDF

As of 2013, almost 50 million primary and lower- secondary-age children were out of school in conflict-affected countries. Of these, 28.5 million were primary-age; more than half of them are girls.  In

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Sustaining Literacy in Africa: Developing a Literate Environment

Peter Easton, UNESCO   |   PDF

This specific publication contributes, in the critical context of Africa, to the conceptual development of the notion of the literate environment, which has been increasingly used but has been explained

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La situation des enfants dans le monde 2012 : Les enfants dans un monde urbain


Ce rapport s’intéresse principalement aux enfants des villes des quatre coins du monde qui sont confrontés à un ensemble de difficultés particulièrement complexes sur le plan

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L’éducation Compte: Vers la réalisation des Objectifs du Millénaire pour le développement


Il suffit parfois d’un chiffre pour raconter toute une histoire. Les chiffres présentés dans cette brochure démontrent de façon irréfutable l’impact direct de

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INEE Good Practice Guides


The INEE Good Practice Guides provides a series of practical strategies, checklists and resources for those working in education in emergencies.

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