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Global Initiatives (SDG, ECW, EFA, etc.)

Thematic Paper on MDG 1: Achieve Universal Primary Education

UNDG Task Force on the MDGs, UNDG   |   PDF

A completed primary education is a basic human right and is necessary for enjoying many other rights. It is transformative and empowering, and a means for accessing broad economic, social,

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Education for Global Citizenship

Education Above All, Education Above All   |   PDF

The book is divided into three parts. Part One provides a brief overview of education for global citizenship, including in chapter 1 the subject matter and sub-themes, in chapter 2 the challenges

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EFA Planning Guide: Southeast and East Asia - Follow-up to the World Education Forum


The purpose of the Planning Guide is to provide a working tool for educational planners and members of national EFA task forces, forums, and other national groups in charge of

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International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011


The ISCED 2011 classification was adopted by the UNESCO General Conference at its 36th session in November 2011. Initially developed by UNESCO in the 1970s, and first revised in 1997, the ISCED classification

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IASC Operational Guidance for Coordinated Assessments in Humanitarian Crises


The NATF developed this Operational Guidance for Coordinated Assessments in Humanitarian Crises to help realize the goal of better quality and more timely assessments through coordinated processes. It was not

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EFA Global Monitoring Report 2012: Youth and Skills - Putting education to work


The 2012 EFA Global Monitoring Report is divided into two parts. Part I provides a snapshot of progress towards the six EFA goals, and towards spending on education to finance the

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INEE Thematic Issue Briefs


These briefs summarise the mainstreaming of various thematic areas in the INEE Minimum Standards Handbook. Themes include: Gender, Inclusive Education, Inter-sectoral Linkages, Psychosocial and Well-being, Youth, HIV and AIDS, Human

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Education 2030, Incheon Declaration and Framework for Action


On 4 November 2015 in Paris, the international education community adopted the Education 2030 Framework for Action, the foundation that will anchor global efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4). This marked the

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INEE Brief: SDG4 and HLPF concept note

INEE Advocacy Working Group, INEE   |   PDF

Key messages from the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE), prepared for the Global Education Meeting in Brussels, 3-5 December 2018. The brief also contains the concept note for a

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SDG 4 - References to Education in Crisis Contexts in SDG 4 Policy Documents

Sonia Gomez, INEE   |   PDF

This documents contains a summary of references to Education in Emergencies found in the Incheon Declaration and the Education 2030 Framework for Action.

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