Promoting access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis

Job Posting with INEE

INEE Coordinator: Capacity Building
New York, NY
28 February 2019


This position will serve each of INEE’s priorities, with a primary focus on INEE Strategy Priority II aiming to strengthen capacities to deliver quality, safe, relevant, and specifically inclusive education for all. The INEE Coordinator – Capacity Building will work closely with the INEE Director to finalize a network-wide capacity building system and strategy and implement this in line with INEE’s core functions and Strategic Framework. The role is responsible for developing and implementing INEE’s capacity development system and strategy; organizing and facilitating professional development opportunities; harmonizing, updating and disseminating INEE’s various education in emergencies (EiE) training resources; and organizing and coordinating a roster of trainers available to respond to training needs for INEE members at large. This position will also be expected to contribute to the overall tasks of INEE such as representation, supporting membership engagement, communications and additional tasks agreed upon in consultation with the INEE Director.


The position is hired and hosted by the International Rescue Committee, and works as a member of the INEE Secretariat collaborating closely with all INEE Staff. The INEE Director provides supervision and management for this position.


Under the direction of the INEE Director, in alignment with INEE’s key functions and in close communication with the INEE Secretariat, this position is responsible for the following:

INEE Strategic Priority I: Thought leadership and advocacy

  • Promote and sustain the values of INEE.
  • Represent INEE in various events and partnerships, and build relationships with key stakeholders in support of professional development for EiE practitioners and for teachers in crisis contexts (including for example, the Education Cluster, the UNESCO Teacher Task Force, etc.)
  • Liaise with INEE Working Groups, INEE Secretariat, and INEE Steering Group to ensure collaboration and shared goals are reached.
  • Elevate the voices of members and promote good practice in Education in Emergencies in public forums, events, conferences and through the INEE website.  

INEE Strategic Priority II: Strengthen capacities

  • Lead the development, finalization and rollout of a capacity building system and strategy for INEE.
  • Conduct mapping of national and regional partners and work closely with identified partners to deliver INEE’s capacity development strategy.
  • Support INEE members in developing, finalizing and disseminating an INEE Minimum Standards-based competency framework for EiE professionals, ensuring that INEE’s overall capacity building strategy defines learning pathways and approaches for implementing the framework.
  • Implement and promote use of the competency framework and guidance, making accessible through learning platforms, communities of practice and/or training workshops.
  • Develop guidance for context-specific applications of INEE’s professional competency framework. 
  • Conduct trainings and workshops related to INEE resources and materials (including but not limited to the Harmonized EiE Training Pack, the Teachers in Crisis Contexts Training and Peer Coaching Packs, the Conflict Sensitive Education Pack) on a regular basis (virtual and in person) in line with INEE’s capacity building strategy.
  • Draft, edit, and share training event reports.
  • Oversee the development of new training content related to INEE resources (including those already existing, in-progress, or that have yet to be developed).
  • Ensure that gender-responsive programming and a gender lens are built into all training programming and capacity building content.
  • Develop and maintain a roster of qualified INEE trainers who can organize and conduct trainings in a variety of geographic settings and languages.
  • Manage and facilitate INEE member-led activities and projects related to capacity building and professional development, providing project management support to enable members to successfully implement their network space (e.g., Working Group, Collaborative, Task Team, or other) priorities.
  • In collaboration with the INEE Secretariat, support INEE members’ application, adaptation, contextualization and institutionalization of the INEE Minimum Standards and INEE tools and resources.   

INEE Strategic Priority III: Provide, curate and organize knowledge and resources

  • Create and update INEE capacity building resources and related knowledge management processes.
  • Support greater accessibility and dissemination of INEE capacity-development tools and resources, building upon the 2018 update of the INEE website, including the reorganization of INEE’s tools and resources.\Acquire, filter, organize, synthesize, and disseminate relevant capacity building information for the network.\Maintain regular communication with INEE members to provide information on capacity building opportunities through INEE communication channels; develop, manage, and share a calendar of INEE training events.\Create, update and maintain relevant information and pages on the INEE website.\Research, test, and recommend a Learning Management System (LMS) for INEE to adopt for all e-learning content. This may, for example, be a licensed platform managed by INEE, or through a partnership with a digital learning content provider.\Assist with compilation of edits and feedback on related INEE tools and resources, editing and reviewing documents as needed. Where applicable, the position may be required to supervise consultants or advise on other work being carried out by consultants, reference groups, task teams and working groups.\Provide general support and reporting to the INEE Secretariat and broader membership as requested.

INEE Strategic Priority IV: Strengthen and diversity membership

  • Encourage substantive and diverse participation by reaching out to under-represented members and organizations for collaboration and communication related to capacity building on behalf of the network\Mobilize resources, materials, and opportunities that support members’ work and respond to capacity-building needs.\Foster collective action to support members to develop capacities that support their work implementing education in emergencies programming (prevention, preparedness, response and/or recovery) more efficiently and effectively.\Link, connect and support INEE membership engagement on a regular basis through consultations with individual members and organizations and hosting online forums that provide capacity building opportunities and a chance to engage with the network (e.g., webinars, discussion forums, in-person workshops).\Facilitate multilingual global sharing and promotion of best practices related to capacity building by collaborating with INEE’s language communities and supporting INEE’s multi-lingual web platforms.

  • Advanced university degree (Masters or above) in a relevant field
  • Minimum 7 years of directly relevant professional experience
  • Willingness to travel 30% to challenging field locations
  • Proven skills (documented experience) in strategy development, strategic thinking, administration and project management
  • Strong theoretical and practical background in the field of education, including understanding of education in development and humanitarian contexts
  • Strong technical knowledge and field experience related to education in emergencies, teacher professional development, and training implementation
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, in English; knowledge of other INEE languages (Arabic, French, Spanish and Portuguese) highly valued
  • Flexible work attitude, with the ability to follow direction, and work independently across a virtual work environment
  • Excellent organizational skills, with the ability to track and follow-up on various tasks
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills, with the ability to draft briefs, reports, proposals and syntheses
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to successfully interact with a variety of people


  • Understanding and experience in the areas of child protection, social-emotional learning, psychosocial support, monitoring & evaluation, and research highly valued
  • Familiarity and experience utilizing INEE resources and tools; experience facilitating INEE related workshops highly valued
  • Experience managing web content, online learning platforms and back-end content management system experience preferred
  • An understanding of INEE’s ways of working and role in the EiE sector

Core Values and Competencies: 

  • Commitment
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Communication skills (spoken, written)
  • Working with others and teamwork
  • Results-orientation
  • Formulating strategies/concepts and analyzing
  • Risk analysis and coordination skills (participatory)
  • Cooperation
  • Collaborative approach


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