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INEE Global Meet-Up, December 2018 Locations


Join a Meet-Up event from 1-15 December 2018.


This list is updated continually - check back often for more details.


Click on the locations below or scroll down the list to view all of the Meet-Up details. 
(TBD means that details are not yet available; contact the Meet-Up organizer in your location for the most up-to-date information.)   



Afghanistan, Kabul
Date: December 13, 2:00 PM
Location: Nayzbik Next to Waris Wardak Hospital, Kot-e-Sangi Company main Road, Kabul
Organizer: Saeedullah Shirzoi
Organization (if any): Afghanistan Reading & Social Association (ARSA)
Phone: 0093706800212

Albania, Tirana 
Date: TBD
Location: Pejton, Nr. 8,Pristina
Organizer: Jaagz Bajaj 
Organization (if any): Ministry of Education 
Phone: +38649717169

Argentina, Salta
Date: December 5, 9AM-1PM, 5PM-9PM
Location: Eduardo Ashur casa 06- Mz 819- B Los Tarcos 
Organizer: Norma Beatriz Corral
Organization (if any): Fundación delALTO
Phone: +54 3874423309

Australia, Melbourne 
Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Organizer: Emma Kettle
Organization (if any): Kettle Consultants
Phone: 416210493

Bangladesh, Jhenaidah
Date: December 8
Location: House#109, Road#5, Kabi Sukanto Sarak, Jhenaidah-7300. Bangladesh
Organizer: Enamul Kabir
Organization (if any): Prova Society
Phone: +8801712539770
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© Enamul Kabir
December 2018 Meet-Up in Jhenaidah, Bangladesh

Bangladesh, Rangpur
Date: TBD
Location: Adam, Block-08, Paotana hat, Pirgachha
Organizer: Mohammad Ramzanul Haque 
Organization (if any): S.A.H.S.K.S
Phone: +8801719823290

Belgium, Brussels
Date: 13th of December, 4 PM
Location: Mundo J- Nelson Mandela Meeting Room, 2nd Floor Rue de L' Industrie, 10 1000 Brussels
Organizer: Maria Joao Proença
Organization (if any): TBD
Phone: +32487579602

Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou
Date: December 13-14, 8:30AM-4:00PM
Location: Ouagadougou
Organizer: YENKONE Yves Franck Cambel
Organization (if any): Educo
Phone: +22670042617

Cambodia, Phnom Penh
Date: December 7, 2PM
Location: Toulne Bassac restaurant
Organizer: Andrew Jilani
Organization (if any): Education Consultant
Phone: 855 95 202 408

Cameroon, Kaélé
Date: December 17
Location: Kaélé, Lycée Bilingue de Kaélé
Organizer: Jebkalbé Patrice
Organization (if any): Consortium pour la Recherche et d'Appui aux Initiatives Locales de Développement (CORAILD)
Phone: (+237) 97091248 - 674388843

Cameroon, Yaoundé 
Date: December 15, 10AM
Location: departement d'espagnol de la meme universite, Ngoa-ekelle
Organizer: Dr. Mbesse Akamse François Désiré 
Organization (if any):  Université de Yaoundé
Email: fmbesse@hotmail.Fr
Phone:(237) 677 983 154

Canada, Hamilton, Ontario
Date: Saturday, December 15 11am-1pm
Location: Hamilton Public Library, Westdale Branch (955 King Street West, Hamilton, ON, L8S 1K9)
Organizer: Jessica Msofe
Organization (if any): TBD
Phone: 289-929-4344

Canada, Toronto 
Date: TBD
Organizer: Dr. Dana Sheikh
Organization (if any): Consultant in Higher Education Policy and Research
Phone: 4164879977

Central Africa Republic, Bangui
Date: Decemebr 7
Location: TBD
Organizer: Nia-An THERA
Organization (if any): Plan International
Phone: +23675673341

Chad, N'djamena
Date: Decemebr 11, 10AM
Location: bureau OCHA de Ndjamena
Organizer: Eric Nodjiadoum Ngardjimti 
Organization (if any): UNICEF
Phone: +235 66602550

Chile, Concepcion, Bio Bio
Date: TBD
Location: Avda. George A. W. Knight Nº 2440
Organizer: Carl Philip Lander
Organization (if any): St John's
Phone: +56942451363

Chile, Concepcion
Date: December 14, 9AM-12PM
Location: Universidad de Concepción, Concepción - Región del Biobío
Organizer: Rodrigo Cea Córdova 
Organization (if any): Programa Educación en Desastres Universidad de Concepción
Phone: (41) 2203753

Democratic Republic of Congo, Beni
Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Organizer: Jean de Dieu Muhindo
Organization (if any): Norwegian Refugee Council
Phone: +243999305960
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© Jean de Dieu Muhindo
December 2018 Meet-Up in Beni, DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo, Goma
Date: December 6, 9AM
Location: Bureau NRC
Organizer: Shannon O'ROURKE KASALI 
Organization (if any): Norwegian Refugee Council
Phone: +243 975717727
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Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa
Date: December 5, 9:30AM-12:00PM
Location: 5, JB NTAHWA, 14ème rue, Limete Industriel
Organizer: Dr BIKUBUSYO ALIMASI Symphorien
Organization (if any): Centre de Recherche JURISCONSULTE
Phone: +243810729931
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December 2018 Meet-Up in Kinshasha, DRC

Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
Date: December 8,2018 at 3:00 PM
Location: Addis Ababa, Arat kilo
Organizer: Solomon Abera 
Organization (if any): Ministry of Education
Phone: +251-911878266

Egypt, Damanhour 
Date: TBD
Location: La bibliothèque publique Misr à Damanhour
Organizer: Abir kamal elchinawy
Organization (if any): La bibliothèque publique Misr de Damanhour
Phone: 1289140613

Egypt, Qena
Date: TBD
Location: Egypt, Qena, Farshout district , Refaa Village
Organizer: Hussein Rawi
Organization (if any): Community Development Association for Refaaa Village
Phone: +201210791391

Ecuador, Guayaquil
Date: December 12, 08:30AM
Location: Egypt, Qena, Farshout district , Refaa Village
Organizer: Wilson Gómez
Organization (if any): Cautus RRD
Phone: +593984307940

France, Paris
Date: Monday December 10th at 2pm
Location: Solidarités Laïques, 22 Rue Corvisart, 75013 Paris
Organizer: Emeline Marchois
Organization (if any): INEE
Phone: 625956987
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Ghana, Kwahu
Date: December 7, 2-6PM
Location: Boatemaa's Place, Obomeng, Kwahu, Nkawkaw Eastern Region, Ghana
Organizer: Alex Acheampong
Organization (if any): Early Childhood Foundation
Phone: +233548556737

Greece, Chaidari
Date: December 10, 7-9:30PM
Location: Antheon 72
Organizer: Sofia Psarrou
Organization (if any): OIKOPOLIS
Phone: 6909283795
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Haiti, Port au Prince
Date: December 14, 10 AM
Location: Haitian Education and Leadership Program [HELP], 4, Rue 5, Port-au-Prince
Organizer: Kathryn Adams
Organization (if any): LIDE Foundation
Phone: +50944532455

Honduras, Tegucigalpa
Date: December 14, 9AM-4PM
Location: Colonia Lomas del Guijarro, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Organizer: Lorena Marina Reyes Guillén
Organization (if any): Proyecto Asegurando la Educación/Secretaría de Educación
Phone: 504-96006542

India, Bangalore
Date: December 14
Location: Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy Jnanabharathi Campus, Bangalore University, Bangalore--560 056
Organizer: Dr. R. SHASHI KUMAR
Organization (if any): MEERA FOUNDATION
Phone: 9844417452  

India, Chennai
Date: December 15, 5PM-7PM
Location: No 4 / 412 B,2 nd main Road,Saraswathi Nagar,Neelankarai,Chennai-600 041.Tamil Nadu
Organizer: JOSEPH P
Organization (if any): MEERA FOUNDATION
Phone: +91 9884610794

India, Dindigul
Date: December 12, 5PM
Location: 20, Renganayaki Nagar, Siluvathur Road, DINDIGUL-624005, India
Organization (if any): Community Research Group
Phone: +919842085893

India, New Dehli
Date: December 14, 10:30AM
Location: Oxfam India. Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, 4th and 5th Floor, 1, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Organizer: Anjela Taneja 
Organization (if any): Oxfam India
Phone: +91 9958087043
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© Anjela Taneja
December 2018 Meet-Up in New Dehli, India

Iraq, Dohuk 
Date: TBD
Location: Dohuk
Organizer: Ammar Isam  
Organization (if any): Bojeen For Human development
Phone: 009647504133995

Iraq, Erbil
Date: December 13th, 2-4:30 PM
Location:  PIN office at Nergiz Plaza, floor 2, Gulan Street, Erbil.
Organizer: Kylie Garner
Organization (if any): TBD
Phone: +19494637263
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© Kylie Garner
December 2018 Meet-Up in Erbil, Iraq

Iraq, Falluja 
Date: TBD
Location: Iraq - Anbar - Falluja -40st -Muaalmeen 2
Organizer: Amjad Sulaiman  
Organization (if any): Mercy Corps 
Phone: +964 (0)7830473080

Iraq, Mosul
Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Organizer: Fareeda Mamand
Organization (if any): NRC
Phone: 00964 750 781 8676
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Iraq, Nineveh 
Date: TBD
Location: Graduate School of Education, Department of Arabic Language Mosul University.
Organizer: Esmat Shaker Farhan 
Organization (if any): Norwegian Refugee Council in Iraq, the Department of Education
Phone: 07501436618 

Iraq, Sulamanyah
Date: December 12
Location: Salim 303 home 10
Organizer: ahmed mohammed salih
Organization (if any): new direction org
Phone: 009647701419707
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© Ahmed Mohammed Salih
December 2018 Meet-Up in Sulamanyah, Iraq

Jordan, Amman
Date: December 13, 4:30-6PM
Location: Abd Alhameed Sharaf Street, Building 93
Organizer: Therese Curran, Mais Zuhaika, Stephen Richardson 
Organization (if any): NRC
Phone: 962795206408
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© Therese Curran
December 2018 Meet-Up in Amman, Jordan

Kenya, Nairobi
Date: December 5, 2:00-4:00 PM
Location: Arziki Cafeteria, University of Nairobi
Organizer: Mwanamisi Kombo
Organization (if any): Educators in Emergencies Association
Phone: N/A
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Kenya, Nairobi
Date: December 8, 10AM-1PM
Location: Nairobi Leadership Academy, Mugoya Estate South C Phase 3,Nairobi.
Organizer: Esther Mutali
Organization (if any): NLA
Phone: +254722969885
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© Esther Mutali
December 2018 Meet-Up in Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya, Nairobi
Date: December 7, 9AM-12PM
Location: Kenyatta University College of Education
Organizer: Rose Njoroge
Organization (if any): Kenyatta University
Phone: +254789193390
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© Rose Njoroge
December 2018 Meet-Up in Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya, Nairobi
Date: December 11, 2PM
Location: Thika Road
Organizer: Josephine Gitome
Organization (if any): Kenyatta University 
Email: gitome.
Phone: +254723895917

Lebanon, Ersal
Date: TBD
Location: Libanon, Ersal, wadi alhosn
Organizer: Hassan fliti
Organization (if any): Houseorphanchid
Phone: 0096170746944

Malawi, Lilongwe
Date: TBD
Location: Mponela World Vision Office 
Organizer: Makayiko Kayimba
Organization (if any): World Vision Malawi 
Phone: +265999712716

Malawi, Karonga district
Date: December 15, 2018 at 8:30AM
Location: Edgar Phiri. Ukhondo Services Foundation, c/o P.O. Box 412, Karonga, Malawi
Organizer: Edgar Phiri
Organization (if any): Ukhondo Services Foundation
Phone: +265 999 250 745

Mali, Bamako
Date: TBD
Location: Sébénikoro rue 503 porte 14
Organizer: TRAORE Moussa Fodé
Organization (if any): ONG ASSO+
Phone: +22366687532

Mali, Bamako
Date: TBD
Location: Flamboyant à Niamakoro Cité UNICEF à environ 200m de la citée des Enfants
Organizer: TOGOLA Diakaridia
Organization (if any): Réseau des Acteurs pour l'Autopromotion des Initiatives Locales (RAAIL)
Phone: 00223 66 86 80 57

Mali, Tenenkou-Mopti
Date: December 5, 10:00AM
Location: Tenenkou
Organizer: Boubacar Issa Traoré
Organization (if any): NGO Peace One Day Mali (POD-MALI)
Phone: 0022395070709

Mozambique, Lichinga
Date: December 12
Location: Niassa
Organizer: Assuate Essimela 
Organization (if any): Associacao Nurani Islamica de Niassa - Mo;am
Phone: +258844621754 or +258867353486
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Myanmar, Yangon
Date: Tuesday 4th December 18.00-20.00 
Location: Wai Wais Place Sanchaung  
Organizer: Donna Fry
Organization (if any): International Education in Emergencies Yangon Meet Up
Phone: 09974550753
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Nepal, Kathmandu
Date: TBD
Location: Kathmandu
Organizer: Vidya Sagar Pandey  
Organization (if any): Feyvina Foundation
Phone: 9851159991

Nigeria, Abuja
Date: TBD
Location: Abuja
Organizer: Umar Mohammed Umar
Organization (if any): UGEd Foundation
Phone: +2348037466848

Nigeria, Abuja
Date: TBD
Location: 2528 Linda Chalker Crescent, Asokoro Extension, Abuja, FCT
Organizer: Iroajugh (Eric) Adile
Organization (if any): LeCadeau Communications Limited, Sustainability RoundTable
Phone: 8188675284
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© Adile Iroajugh
December 2018 Meet-Up in Abuja, Nigeria

Nigeria, Abuja
Date: December 11
Location: Sheraton Hotel, Central Business District, Abuja
Organizer: Chidi Ezegwu
Organization (if any): Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Alumni of Nigeria
Phone: +2347066849390

Nigeria, Ilorin
Date: December 6, 10AM
Location: 5, Redcross road, off Offa road, GRA, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria
Organizer: Tosin Apiriola
Organization (if any):Women and Youth Development Initiative (WOYODEV)
Phone: +2348034438759
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© Tosin Victoria Apiriola
December 2018 Meet-Up in Iliorin, Nigeria

Nigeria, Lagos
Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Organization (if any):DE-CALEBS EDU CONSULT LTD
Phone: 234-8060795151

Nigeria, Maidugur
Date: TBD
Location: City start Restaurant, Old GRA, Maiduguri
Organizer:  Abba Yusuf Tijjani
Organization (if any): Grow Strong Foundation
Phone:  +2348165985810

Nigeria, Maidugur
Date: TBD
Location: City start Restaurant, Old GRA, Maiduguri
Organizer:  Isaac Olugbenle
Organization (if any): Save the Children International
Phone:  07035153258
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Nigeria, Makurdi
Date: December 8, 4PM
Location: Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria
Organizer: Yange M Catherine
Organization (if any): DevTRAIN Community and Entreprenuership Development Initiative
Phone: 8063245358

Nigeria, Yola
Date: TBD
Location: No 14B Maiwandu Street, Karewa GRA, Yola, Adamawa State,
Organizer: Kabiru Badau
Organization (if any): Modibbo Adama University of Technology
Phone: +2348038068439

Norway, Bergen
Date: TBD
Location: Haakon Sheteligs plass 7, 5007 Bergen
Organizer: Mirey Alfarah
Organization (if any): UAB
Phone: 4746903035

Pakistan, Islamabad
Date: Decmeber 3
Location: Blue area, Baverly Center, Islamabad 
Organizer: Mohammad Zubair Khan
Organization (if any): Catholic Relief Services 
Phone: +523009179444

Pakistan, Mardan
Date: December 3, 10AM
Location: Street# 2, Tahir Manzal, Muslim Abad, near Faran Academy Girls Section
Organizer: Tahseenullah
Organization (if any): ACD
Phone: 00923129528123

Pakistan, Peshawar
Date: December 12, Time TBD
Location: House No 458, Usman Lane Old Bara Road University Town Peshawar KP Pakistan
Organizer: Dr. Zia Ur Rahman Farooqi
Organization (if any): National Integrated Development Association (NIDA-Pakistan)
Phone: +92 345 9003076

Palestine, Jineen
Date: December 10, 11:00 AM
Location: AlJinan International Schools- Jineen-West Bank -Palestine
Organizer: Mohammad Al-Qubbaj
Organization (if any): AlJinan International Schools
Phone: 00970599393333

Paraguay, Asunción
Date: December 12, 10AM-12PM
Location: Independencia Nacional Nº874 - 4to piso Edificio Beckelman
Organizer: Elena Caballero
Organization (if any): Ministerio Educacion y Ciencias
Phone: +595981871117

Portugal, Braga
Date: December 13
Location: Colinatrum - Rua Damião de Góis,nº 11, 4700-028 Braga
Organizer: Mara Sofia Garcia Pinto
Organization (if any): NA
Phone: 0035196313717
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Portugal, Porto
Date: December 19, 5:30PM
Location: Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of University of Porto and 
Organizer: Andreia Soares
Organization (if any): INEE Portuguese Language Community
Phone: TBD

Sierra Leone, Freetown
Date: December 13, 12PM
Location: 5 Bailey Street, via Old Railway Line, Brookfields, Freetown
Organizer: Musa Ansumana Soko
Organization (if any): Youth Partnership for Peace nd Development
Phone: +23278198224

Somalia, Mogadishu
Date: December 10th,  9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Location: Somali Center for Research and Training Conference Hall
Organizer: Dr Shuaib Abdullahi
Organization (if any): Education Advisors
Phone: 252615184288

Syria, Azaz
Date: December 15, Time TBD
Location: Al-salam Center
Organizer: Mahmoud Hindawi
Organization (if any): Al-salam
Phone: 00963951488015
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Tanzania, Mwanza
Date: December 11, 2:35PM
Location: Mwanza 
Organizer: Athanas Evarist
Organization (if any): Fadhili Teens Tanzania
Phone: +255282560694

Timor Leste, Dili
Date: December 6, 4:30PM
Location: Dili, Peace Coffee 
Organizer: Filipe Couto

Togo, Lome
Date: December 3, 11AM
Location: Training Institute for Sustainable Development (Lomé )
Organizer: National Coordinator of Stéval-Ee
Organization (if any): Togolese Society of Evaluation-Emerging Evaluators
Phone: +228 90 06 3451

Tunisia, Medenine
Date: J'aimerai a Turquie
Location: ElHara Rue Port Said
Organizer: Benaoun Abdallah
Organization (if any): Croissant Rouge Tunisienne
Phone: +21629469608

Turkey, Ankara
Date: December 9 at 2 pm
Location: Coffee Lab Tunalı Hilmi, Remzi Oğuz Arık Mahallesi, Tunalı Hilmi Cd. D:No: 82, 06680 Çankaya/Ankara
Organizer: Melissa Hauber-Özer
Organization (if any): George Mason University
Phone: +90 533 038 55 95
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Turkey, Gaziantep
Date: December 12, 15:00 and 17:30
Location:  Children of one World office in Gaziantep
Organizer: Mustafa Alokoud &  Mohammed Sabsabi
Organization (if any): Mercy Without Limits & Children of One World 
Phone: +905375911338, 905050863709

Turkey, Hatay
Date: December 6, 11AM
Location: BAĞLAR MAH. ATATÜRK CD. NO:169/MAR.13 MERKEZ Reyhanlı Hatay
Organizer: Hamza Yusuf
Organization (if any): Sadad Organization
Phone: 00905382813875
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© Hamza Yusuf
December 2018 Meet-Up in Hatay, Turkey

Uganda, Senge
Date: December 11
Organization (if any): HOPE SPRINGS HAVEN
Phone: +256700346681

United Kingdom, Aberystwyth
Date: December 11
Location: Penbryn 5, School of Education, Aberystwyth University, SY23 3UX, UK
Organizer: M Mahruf C Shohel
Organization (if any): Aberystwyth University
Phone: +44(0)1970621762

USA, New York City
Date: December 11th at 6pm 
Location: Lily O'Brien's
Organizer: MaryBeth Bognar
Organization (if any): Center for Women's Global Leadership
Phone: 330-569-4160
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© MaryBeth Bognar
December 2018 Meet-Up in NYC, USA

USA, Seattle
Date: December 13th, 6-8PM
Location: TBD (Columbia City)
Organizer: Sonja Anderson, Natalie Brackett, Negin Dahya
Organization (if any): INEE & University of Washington Information School 
Phone: 3602984029

USA, Washington D.C. 
Date: 4th of December, 4-5PM 
Location: 1957 E Street building (room B14)
Organizer: Christina Tobias-Nahi
Organization (if any): Islamic Relief USA
Phone: 7032369796

Yemen, Aden
Date: December 13, 10AM
Location: Aden Khormakser -October Zone
Organizer: Hani Mubarak
Organization (if any): AFEHS
Phone: 967774899099

© Hani Mubarak
December 2018 Meet-Up in Aden, Yemen

Yemen, Dhamar
Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Organizer: Zaid Ahmed Nasser Ahmed Alhaddour
Organization (if any): Dhamar University
Phone: 967777197707

Yemen, Mukalla
Date: 9:30 AM 
Location: N/A
Organizer: Dr. Jalal Al-Humaidi.
Organization (if any): Alahgaf Foundation for Evaluation and Humanitarian Studies +Society of Student
Science Care
Phone: N/A
Read Meet-Up report (Arabic)

Yemen, Saana
Date: December 12, 10AM-12PM
Location: Hadda Street, Sanaa
Organizer: Zaid Aziz
Organization (if any): TOP MANAGERS
Phone: 0096771404360
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© Zaid Aziz
December 2018 Meet-Up in Sanaa, Yemen

Yemen, Saana
Date: TBD
Location: Address of NLSD /Yemen /Sanaa / Aldairy st ( infront of  Sanaa Uneversity)
Organizer: Nadia Alrashidy
Organization (if any): New Life for soldarity and Development (NLSD)
Phone: 00967772811043

Yemen, Taiz
Date: December 11
Location: Jammal Street, Taiz
Organizer: Selwan Asem Abdullah 
Organization (if any): Resource Foundation
Phone: +967737533682

Zimbabwe, Mutare
Date: December 9, 9:00AM-10:30AM
Location: Stand No. 519, Zimunya Township, Mutare, Zimbabwe
Organizer: Samson Nyasha Ncube Munyuki 
Organization (if any): Smart Kids Academy & Eastville Prep Group of Schools
Phone: +263773853953

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