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Webinar: TPD in Action - Using the Teachers in Crisis Contexts Training Pack

11 April 2017

This recorded webinar presents how the recently launched Teachers in Crisis Contexts Training Pack is being used in Iraq, South Sudan, Kenya, and Tanzania. 


20 April 2017  |  9-10am EST (New York time zone) 

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This webinar focused on how to implement and contextualise the training pack materials in a range of crisis contexts and builds on the recent INEE TPD blog series and introductory TPD webinar in 2016. Panelists from several organisations presented the key steps of implementation, from needs assessment, contextualisation, training delivery, and follow-up. They spoke to their own experiences and lessons learnt using the pack in a range of settings including IraqSouth SudanKenya, and Tanzania. There was also an opportunity for participants joining the webinar to share their own experiences, to ask questions, and to discuss ideas for future use of the materials.

Webinar speakers

Kathleen Denny, Education Project Manager - NRC Iraq. Masters in International Education Development from Teachers College, Columbia University. Over 7 years of experience in education in the U.S. and international contexts including 4 years of teaching at the early childhood, primary, and secondary levels. Experience supporting education programs in Lebanon, Iraq, India, Rwanda, Syria, South Sudan and Turkey. Member of the Teachers in Crisis Contexts Working Group (TCCWG) and curriculum development team. Contextualized the Training Pack for Primary School Teachers in Crisis Contexts  for Iraq and South Sudan.

Danielle Falk is a Master's student at Teachers College, Columbia University. As a graduate research assistance for Dr. Mary Mendenhall, Danielle helped launch Teachers for Teachers, an integrated professional development program that incorporates training, peer coaching, and mobile mentoring for teachers in Kakuma refugee camp (Kenya). Danielle's research interests include promoting access to and quality in education for refugee children as well as teacher support in emergency and crisis contexts. 

Charlotte Bergin is Education in Emergencies Policy and Advocacy Adviser at Save the Children UK. She has been working closely with the Teachers in Crisis Contexts Working Group over the last two years on the design and implementation of the new Training Pack for Primary School Teachers in Crisis Contexts. A former teacher, Charlotte recently completed her MA at Teachers College, Columbia University and specializes in refugee education, teacher professional development, and education and gender equality.


In early 2016, the Teachers in Crisis Contexts Working Group (TCCWG), in close association with INEE, launched a new inter-agency training pack for teachers in crisis contexts. The materials are the product of a unique collaboration and respond to a critical gap in open source, competency-based training materials that provide coverage of the foundational knowledge and skills required by teachers in humanitarian and low-income settings. The materials are designed to be used in a range of contexts by a range of organizations, and they have undergone systematic review and field testing in Iraq and Kenya, as well as external review by a range of EiE specialists. The TCCWG is now developing further initiatives to provide ongoing practical support to teachers between and after trainings.


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