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Webinar: EiE advocacy using human rights approaches

15 January 2019

Following the well-attended "Introduction to EiE Advocacy" webinar in October 2018, the INEE Advocacy Working Group (AWG), on 15 January 2019, hosted a webinar on running successful advocacy campaigns for education in emergencies - using a human rights based approach.

During the webinar, AWG members shared their knowledge and experiences developing and using advocacy strategies both on a national and international level. Successful campaigns on several topics were highlighted, including the Safe Schools Declaration, an EiE initiative in the Ukraine, and the privatisation of education. The second half of the webinar included an open discussion with participants. The webinar was conducted in English.

Click below to watch the recording of this webinar -
INEE advocacy webinar: Using human rights approaches

Webinar presenters

  • Diya Nijhowne - director of the Global Coalition on Protecting Education from Attack (GCPEA) -
  • Delphine Dorsi - executive coordinator of the Right to Education Initiative (RTE) -
  • Sylvain Aubry - Legal and Research Advisor, Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,
  • Peter Hyll-Larsen - advocacy coordinator of the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) -
  • The webinar will be moderated by Gustavo Payan from Development Associates Inc (DAI)