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VIDEO: Voices of Teachers from Conflict Zones

17 March 2018

The Post Conflict and Peace Education Alliance has developed ‘Voices of Teachers from Conflict Zones’, a short 5-minute film that gives an authentic and legitimate voice to teachers, and supports them in having their message heard.

The video production team interviewed 17 teachers from Uganda, Sierra Leone, India, Mali, Afghanistan and Colombia about their experiences of teaching in conflict and post-conflict situations. The interviews highlighted the main challenges teachers face, along with what they recommend needs to change for more children to receive a safe, quality education in these contexts.

Watch the video and hear the Call to Action from teachers in crisis contexts.

Teachers in Conflict Call to Action

With one in four school-aged children and youth living in countries affected by conflict, the global community can no longer wait to address this global crisis. Teachers have a critical role but often unheard voice in addressing this crisis. To bring the urgent issue of education in crises to the top of the global agenda, teachers and alliance organisations have developed this call to action.

Call to Action

Teachers call on governments and the international community to:

  1. Recruit and fund more teachers, especially female teachers, in conflict and post-conflict settings and ensure they are paid fairly.
  2. Facilitate recognition of teachers’ qualifications across borders.
  3. Train and support teachers in conflict and post-conflict settings to help them to address the unique  needs of girls in boys in these settings.
  4. Ensure schools are safe – for girls, boys and teachers – and protected from attacks.
  5. Collect and report reliable, relevant  data on attacks on educational facilities to end impunity.
  6. Develop and share relevant gender sensitive teaching materials for teachers in conflict and post-conflict settings.
  7. Listen to the voices of teachers and local communities in conflict zones and take action to provide every last child with a safe, quality education.


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About the Post Conflict and Peace Education Alliance

The Post Conflict and Peace Education Alliance, co-Chaired by Plan International Canada and Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, was founded at the 2017 Global Education & Skills Forum (GESF), an initiative of the Varkey Foundation, which takes place every March in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Each year the Global Education & Skills Forum brings together world leaders from the public, private and social sectors seeking solutions to achieving education, equity and employment for all.

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