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The Brightest Hope: Essays from around the world on the importance of education in times of crisis

2 June 2015

INEE is very thrilled to announce the winners of the INEE Essay Contest!

Along with the three winners, we are also pleased to share a variety of exceptional compositions that were submitted during the contest. The essay contest, which was part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the INEE Minimum Standards, was intended to share knowledge, increase awareness of education in emergencies, and provide an opportunity for people around the world to share their thoughts and ideas about what education means to them in times of crisis.

INEE received 720+ entries from 52 countries in four languages from authors between the ages of seven and 68! Many essays were incredibly strong, and a select few have been highlighted in a special booklet entitled The Brightest Hope: Essays from around the world on the importance of education in times of crisis.

After many rounds of judging, INEE has determined one winner for each of the three age groups. Essays were judged based on their relevance to the education in emergencies topic, clarity, creativity, innovative thinking, organization, cohesiveness and impact on the reader. Contest entrants responded to one of two questions: 1) What has education meant to me in an emergency? or 2) Why is education in emergencies important?

The winners are:

6-12 years age group: Mehreen Mirza, 12, Bangladesh
Click to read Mehreen’s essay.

13-17 years age group: Ayesha Saleem, 14, Pakistan
Click to read Ayesha’s essay.

18+ years age group: Ivy Kimtai, 21, Kenya
Click to read Ivy’s essay.

Congratulations to these winners, and thank you to all who participated and shared their stories! 

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