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LAUNCH: INEE Guidance Note on Psychosocial Support 

2 July 2018

We are pleased to launch the new INEE Guidance Note on Psychosocial Support.

The purpose of the INEE Guidance Note on Psychosocial Support is to clarify the importance of supporting the psychosocial wellbeing of children and youth, and to offer specific strategies for how to incorporate psychosocial support (PSS) into education responses. This resource addresses a gap in the tools that are currently available to educators and professionals operating in emergency and crisis contexts, providing PSS guidance that is specifically oriented to the education sector.

This Guidance Note encourages more intentional and consistent implementation of practical, high-quality psychosocial interventions on the education frontlines by teachers, education administrators, counselors, and other education personnel. It is useful for government entities, ministries, policy makers, community groups, humanitarian workers, parents, peers, and families for planning, programming, policy, and advocacy purposes. The content is also useful for those working in related sectors, including protection, child protection, mental and public health, and others.

The Guidance Note is available in English in the INEE Resource Database. Translations of the Guidance Note have been completed in Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. INEE is in the process of designing the Arabic version (anticipated August 2018), and is looking for support to design the other language versions.

We encourage you to share the Guidance Note and the rest of the content on the INEE PSS-SEL webpage widely!

The Guidance Note was conceptualized by the INEE Standards and Practice Working Group and the INEE Education Policy Working Group, and written by Zahirah McNatt, Dr. Neil Boothby, Dr. Mike Wessells, and Rita Lo of the Columbia Group for Children in Adversity (CGCA). Additional writing and technical research was provided by Jo Kelcey (NYU Steinhardt). A Reference Group of INEE Working Group members and external mental health, child protection, education, and psychosocial support experts reviewed drafts of the guidance.