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INEE Blog Instructions

10 March 2014

The INEE Blog ( is an open space for sharing opinions, resources, developments, and discussions on topics relevant to education in emergencies. By posting on the INEE Blog, you help build the INEE community and raise awareness about issues important to you and our field of work.

Blogging is easy: You don’t need to labor over every sentence. Be spontaneous, use your own voice. Many bloggers write how they speak, and this is a great way to connect with readers.

Less is more: There is no need to write a long manuscript. In fact, shorter is generally better, as it is easier for people to read and engage with your content. Keep your post between 300-1000 words.

Topics: First and foremost, write about something that is interesting to you. Is there an issue that you are particularly passionate about? Is there a challenge you are facing in your work that you would like to get feedback on? Perhaps there is a useful resource that you would like to share, or an event that you found interesting? As long as your blog post is related to education in emergencies, it can be considered for publishing on the INEE Blog.

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Example photo with credit and caption: Syrian refugee teachers in IRC’s Connect to Learn project, Khane Community Library in Domiz Camp, Kurdish Region of Iraq.
Images and links: Images and links to related resources can enhance your blog post. All photos must include the name of the photographer or organization, and should, if possible, include other information about the photo, such as the location, date, and caption content.

Spread the word: Once your post is online, you can share it with your colleagues and networks. INEE will also promote blog posts in our newsletters, on social media, and through other channels.

Please send your blog post and any related materials in a Google or Word document to We will do some basic editing and prepare the content to be published, including a final review by you before it goes live. Thank you!


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