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Training Pack for Primary School Teachers in Crisis Contexts

This inter-agency, open source training pack is available for anyone to use. The pack builds basic teaching competencies for unqualified or under-qualified teachers often recruited to teach in emergency settings (e.g. refugee/IDP camps, conflict-affected areas, post-natural disasters, and/or with highly vulnerable populations). The materials can be used with qualified teachers who require refresher training or who would benefit from additional support in critical areas like child protection. The materials can also be used by teachers who either find themselves teaching in crisis-affected environments or in host community schools that are integrating children/youth from displaced populations.

What is it?

The pack is comprised of an Introductory Training Pack and four core modules, developed around a set of 28 teacher competencies. The pack has undergone systematic review where it was field-tested in Iraq and Kenya, externally reviewed by a range of EiE specialists, and finalized in March 2016. The main components include:

  • Core Competencies for Primary School Teachers in Crisis Contexts
    Competencies: The pack is based on a set of simplified teacher competencies that have been organized into 5 domains--Teacher’s Role & Well-being; Child Protection, Well-being & Inclusion; Pedagogy; Curriculum & Planning; and Subject Knowledge.
  • Introductory Training Pack (12 session; 23 hours): The Introductory Training Pack (ITP) provides a fast-track introduction to key concepts and competencies covered in greater depth in Core Modules 1-4. The ITP was created especially as a pre-service introduction for new teachers or for use when time is constrained.
  • Core Modules (18 sessions; 60 hours): The core modules reflect the domains listed above—i.e. Teacher’s Role & Well-being; Child Protection, Well-being & Inclusion; Pedagogy; Curriculum & Planning. Subject knowledge is an essential teacher competency domain; however, due to the specialized content areas of literacy, numeracy and other subjects, it is not covered in this training package. Each module is made up of 4-5 sessions with detailed facilitator guidance. The four modules are intended to be used for continuous professional development over a period of time. The modules are designed to be participatory, interactive, and learner-centered. The Modules At-A-Glance pages provide an overview of the topics covered in each training.

Teacher Training Pack Resources

The Training Pack includes a facilitator’s guide, a participant handbook, and PowerPoint slides for each component of the training. The training pack can be accessed here:


Full Teacher Training Pack (PDF, 6MB)
Includes all trainer and participant documents, without PowerPoints.

Click here to download all files at once (.zip folder, 8MB)

...or download individual files by clicking on the titles below.


Introduction (PDF) English, French 

  • Guidance using the pack, facilitator tips, sample evaluation and assessment tools and more

Introductory Training Pack (ITP)

Modules At-a-Glance (PDF)

Module 1 – Teacher’s Role & Well-being 

Module 2 – Child Protection, Well-being & Inclusion

Module 3 – Pedagogy

Module 4 – Curriculum & Planning




Why should I use it?

The training pack responds to a critical gap in open source, competency-based teacher training materials that provide coverage of foundational knowledge and skills required by teachers in crisis contexts, where teacher training is often limited to ad hoc workshops. The pack provides the basis for a pre-service and in-service training program which can be used in its entirety to prepare teachers in crisis settings, but is also flexible enough for adaptation and use of selected modules or sessions according to the local needs of teachers


How was the training pack developed?

The training pack was commissioned and developed in stages by members of the Teachers in Crisis Contexts Working Group (TICCWG, originally the Refugee Teacher Working Group). The TICCWG was founded in April 2014 and is comprised of seven partner agencies: Finn Church Aid, International Rescue Committee, Norwegian Refugee Council, Save the Children, Teachers College-Columbia University, UNHCR and UNICEF, working in close association with the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies.


How can I share feedback on recent use of the tool? 

The Working Group is interested in learning how the training pack is currently being used. Please provide as much detail as possible on your usage of the training pack via the feedback form available on Google forms here. Your feedback will help to improve the pack for future use. ​

Please send questions related to the use and adaptation of the pack to


What can I do to help?

INEE & the TICCWG are requesting the following support:

  • Participate in a blog series on lessons learned using the training pack
  • Writing up case studies related to using and adapting the training pack
  • Translation of the pack into French, Arabic, Spanish, and other languages
  • ​Review the webinar on TPD in Crisis Contexts

Please note: Efforts are underway by several organizations to translate the teacher training pack into French and Arabic. If you are interested in learning more about which parts of the pack are being translated or when the translated materials will be available, please contact us at Likewise, if your organization is able to support the translation work for these or other languages, please let us know.