Promoting access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis

Inclusive Education Task Team

Aim and Objective for the Task Team

Student at a school for hearing impaired children in Kabul, Afghanistan, Mats Lignell, Save the Children
The Task Team aims to promote the key principles, behaviours and actions necessary for ensuring that all excluded and marginalized people are included in emergency education opportunities..


  • Produce resources useful to emergency practitioners which give practical advice on making inclusive education a reality
  • Influence emergency education training schemes to promote inclusive education principles and practice more effectively
  • Produce advocacy messages and information which can be used to get greater attention and support for inclusive education in emergencies

The Task Team promotes a focus on inclusive education for all marginalised groups (whether on the grounds of disability, ethnicity, gender, language, poverty, etc). However, the Team also has a specific focus on disability, acknowledging that children and adults with disabilities are often the most excluded from education during periods of crisis and emergency, and that the barriers to participation in learning for people with disabilities are often perceived to be the most challenging during emergencies.


Ingrid Lewis

Ingrid is the Managing Director of EENET CIC. EENET is a global information network on inclusive education. It offers a free information service to education stakeholders globally, but also carries out consultancies for NGO, UN and government clients. Ingrid has helped to research and write several publications on inclusive education in emergencies for INEE.

You can contact the Task Team co-conveners by sending an email to


The Inclusive Education Task Team is open to anyone who is interested in developing quality, inclusive, learner-centred education for all, before, during and after emergencies. The Task Team convener will send updates which highlight relevant news and resources, and keep members informed of Task Team activities and tasks. Please note that joining an INEE Task Team implies that you are ready and willing to contribute some of your time and expertise to the goals of the Task Team.

If you are interested in participating in this Task Team, please send an introductory email to the IETT email address and indicate your interest. If you are interested in this work but are not yet a member of INEE, please join us -

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