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Refugees and IDPs

Recognition of refugees’ prior learning – the case of Lebanon

Barbara Trzmiel, University College London Institute of Education   |   PDF

The main purpose of this research is to examine refugees’ access to basic and higher education in Lebanon through the recognition of their prior learning attainments. This case study aims

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Resource: Promising Practices in Refugee Education Synthesis Report

Charlotte Bergin, Education Adviser, Save the Children, Save the Children   |   PDF

Promising Practices in Refugee Education is a joint initiative of Save the Children, the world’s largest independent children’s rights organisation, UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, and Pearson, the

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Le Kit de formation des enseignants du primaire en contextes de crises

Teachers in Crisis Contexts Working Group (TICCWG), TICCWG   |   PDF

Le pack de formation pour les enseignants du primaire dans les contextes de crise a été développé pour les enseignants non-qualifiés ou sous-qualifiés souvent recrutés pour

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Campaña: Mi derecho a la educación se desplaza conmigo - Asegurar el acceso a la educación

Save the Children, Save the Children   |   PDF

Esta iniciativa de Save the Children en El Salvador, se propone trabajar sobre tres factores principales que impiden que la niñez desplazada en el país tenga acceso a

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Urban Refugee Education: Strengthening Policies and Practices for Access, Quality and Inclusion

Mary Mendenhall, Susan Garnett Russell, Elizabeth Buckner, Teachers College, Columbia University   |   PDF

Given the current global refugee crisis, the aim of this report is to contribute to the discussion around the distinct educational needs of urban refugees. We focus on countries in

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Broken Promises, Displaced Afghan Girls

Norwegian Refugee Council, Norwegian Refugee Council   |   PDF

Over 2016, more than 600,000 people were newly displaced in Afghanistan; half of whom were boys and girls and a large number of them are out-of-school. Education must now be acknowledged as

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Refugee Education: The Crossroads of Globalization

Sarah Dryden-Peterson , Educational Researcher   |   PDF

In this article, I probe a question at the core of comparative education—how to realize the right to education for all and ensure opportunities to use that education for

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Missing Out - Refugee Education in Crisis


Today, there are 16.1 million refugees worldwide under UNHCR’s mandate.1 More than half are children, and six million are of primary and secondary school-going age. The average length of time

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International Conference: Education for a better future – Presentations

Various, GIZ, INEE   |   PDF

Various presentations delivered at the “International Conference: Education for a better future –  prospects for displaced populations” held in Berlin, Germany on 2 November 2016. The event was co-organized by GIZ and

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The Syrian Refugee Crises in Lebanon

Sara Bousleiman, Sara Bousleiman   |   PDF

Since 2011, Syria has been embroiled in a violent and deadly civil war. As a result of this conflict, over ten million Syrians have been displaced, and over one million wounded

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