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Education and Fragility

Centering Higher Education in the Global Movement for Refugee Education

Maia Bix, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs   |   PDF

The global movement for refugee education is gaining momentum. Spurred in part by the Syrian crisis, prominent actors from Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai2 to United Nations Special Envoy for Global

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Resource: Background Papers for roundtable education PPPs in crisis-affected contexts,

Open Society Foundation , Open Society Foundation   |   PDF

Dear all, I am pleased to share with you two background papers to inform next week’s roundtable discussion exploring the role for education Public Private Partnerships in crisis-affected contexts

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Resource: INEE Spring 2016 Inter-Agency Learning Event_Concept Note

INEE, N/A   |   PDF

INEE Spring 2016 Meeting: Day 3 Event Inter-agency Information Sharing and Networking Hosted by UNRWA in Amman, Jordan April 28, 2016 | 9:00 – 15:30 Concept Note

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Resource: ARDD Legal Aid_Amman

Zainab Al Khalil , N/A   |   Powerpoint

ARDD-Legal Aid aims to help communities and individuals access justice and enable them to use the law as a mechanism of empowerment, by raising legal awareness among vulnerable communities in

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Resource: Generations for Peace_Amman Presentation

Lindsay McClain Opiyo and Lama Hattab, N/A   |   Powerpoint

Generations For Peace (GFP) is an international, volunteer-led peace-building organisation based in Amman, Jordan. Over the last four years, they have trained and mentored 60 teachers in 12 schools to design, deliver,

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Resource: UNICEF Jordan Presentation Amman 28 April

Maria Paradies, N/A   |   Powerpoint

Enhancing quality education in Zaatari Camp through participatory planning process with Ministry of Education

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Resource: Amman UNICEF Presentation

Maria Paradies, N/A   |   PDF

Establishment of a participatory planning process with Ministry of Education in Jordan

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Education to mitigate Fragility: Grappling with complexity


This study will review the development and evolution of the education and fragility agenda, situating it within the evolution of the fragile states agenda. It will pose the question as

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Calls to Action INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Pack Usage Survey Call to Action: Ambitious new resources for EiE ­ EduApp4Syria Deadline Nears! Next Deadline for the Scholar Rescue Fund May 2

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Syria Crisis Education Fact Sheet Five Years of Crisis and Conflict


As the crisis in Syria enters its sixth year, children continue to bear the brunt of the conflict. Two decades of investment in education have been wiped out and many

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