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Job Posting with INEE

INEE Coordinator for Standards and Practice Working Group
21 August 2017


INEE is looking to hire a Coordinator for the Standards and Practice Working Group. 


The Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) is a global open network of members working together within a humanitarian and development framework to ensure all persons the right to quality and safe education in emergencies and post-crisis recovery. 

The Coordinator for Standards and Practice is responsible for managing and coordinating the activities of the INEE Standards and Practice Working Group and serving as a technical advisor on the INEE Minimum Standards, promoting the resources, network tools and other work generated by Working Group and sub-Working Group activities. The sub-group areas of focus currently include: Psychosocial Support and Social-Emotional Learning, Conflict Sensitive Education, Teachers in Crisis Contexts, EiE Capacity Development and the INEE Minimum Standards. The INEE Coordinator for Standards and Practice will also oversee all INEE network tools’ application, technical support and dissemination.

The Coordinator works to support INEE and Working Group members through INEE’s core functions: community building, convening diverse stakeholders, knowledge management, advocating and amplifying ideas and knowledge, facilitating collective action, and providing members with the resources and support they need to carry out their work on education in emergencies.

The Coordinator, who is hired and hosted by the International Rescue Committee in New York, works as a member of the INEE Secretariat. All core functions (e.g. communications, advocacy, promotion and fundraising) will be coordinated with the Secretariat staff in order to ensure coherence and harmonization across activities. Supervision and management of this post is provided by the INEE Director.

INEE network tools include: the INEE Minimum Standards; INEE Toolkit; Pocket Guides to Gender, Inclusive Education, Supporting Learners with Disabilities, and Guidance on HIV in Education in Emergencies; Guidance Notes on Teaching and Learning, Teacher Compensation, and Safer School Construction; and the Reference Guide to External Education Finance; Conflict Sensitive Education Pack, and others as they become available.


INEE Standards and Practice Working Group: Management, coordination, promotion and communications

  • Manage and facilitate Working Group projects by providing input and guidance and guaranteeing satisfactory project management, lead the development of the Working Group’s Annual workplan and multi-year strategic planning. Support and enable members to lead the successful implementation of group priorities.
  • Ensure quality communications and consistent follow-up with and between Working Group members.
  • Provide technical inputs to and review Working Group products and deliverables, including resources, network tools and other materials generated by the Working Group.
  • Coordinate activities and events prioritized by the Working Group to promote resources, network tools and other materials.
  • Manage and track the translation and utilization of the INEE Minimum Standards and related resources, network tools and other materials; maintain listing of all INEE network tools and languages of availability. 
  • Facilitate bi-directional information flows and inputs between the Working Group, the INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility, INEE Task Teams and Language Communities and members and other INEE initiatives. 
  • Provide regular reports on activities and achievements to the Working Group, INEE Secretariat, and INEE membership.
  • Oversee evaluations, including dissemination of findings to INEE members, of the implementation of the INEE Minimum Standards and network tools
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders on the Minimum Standards and contribute to standards-related activities of Working Group member agencies and other organizations as appropriate. Build new collaborations where possible.
  • Oversee the operationalization of the Global Humanitarian Standards Partnership, in particular joint training materials and opportunities, advocacy and communications, and linkages between the INEE MS and Sphere Handbook.
  • In collaboration with other INEE WGs and SPWG leadership, manage the transition between WGs including the convening of a new group, recruitment, selection and initiation processes

Capacity Development, Technical Support, Contextualization and Institutionalization of the INEE Minimum Standards and Education in Emergencies

  • Serve as technical expert on the INEE Minimum Standards, the INEE Toolkit and education in emergencies within the Working Group, INEE network and with other relevant partners.
  • Oversee capacity development exercises, provide technical support, facilitate INEE MS contextualization work and support application visits for INEE network tools. 
  • Lead on any update or revision process necessary around the INEE Minimum Standards to ensure the continued elevation and relevance of the standards.
  • Initiate, coordinate and carry out strategic advocacy on education in emergencies through to recovery, INEE, and the use of the Minimum Standards and the INEE Toolkit.
  • Serve on the Steering Committee of the Humanitarian Standards Partnership and actively engage in joint humanitarian standards setting initiative priorities.


  • Ensure all network tools are available in print form (as funding permits).  The INEE Coordinator is responsible for the oversight of all tool production; however, specific tasks within tool production are carried out by all members of the INEE Secretariat, as per their Terms of Reference.
  • Contribute to the overall INEE funding strategy, including: solicitation of funds, proposal and budget development.
  • Oversee project/program budget spending, prepare donor reports (as required).
  • Contribute to INEE’s overall strategic direction, making links between programs, thematic areas and language communities when and where appropriate.
  • Ensure network tools web pages are up-to-date; liaise with appropriate staff to update when needed
  • Represent the INEE network at conferences, meetings, and forums.
  • Recruit, manage, support, and supervise consultants and interns working on INEE Standards and Practice-related projects. 

  1. An advanced university degree (Masters or above) in a relevant field: education, international affairs or political science.
  2. Minimum 3-6 years relevant work experience.
  3. Excellent inter-personal and communication skills and proven networking and facilitation skills working with multiple stakeholders, including UN agencies, donors, local communities, NGOs and governments.
  4. Strong knowledge and solid understanding of the INEE Minimum Standards (process and product), Sphere, and the humanitarian community; training experience on the INEE Minimum Standards desired.
  5. Fluent (writing, reading and speaking) in English and one additional UN language desired.
  6. Excellent organizational and coordination skills, including experience managing multiple complex projects and deadlines involving different partners.
  7. Ability to be flexible and work well in a fast-paced environment with limited daily supervision.
  8. Experience in budgeting, financial reporting, and fundraising.


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