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INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility



In early 2008, a Working Group on Education and Fragility was first established within INEE as an inter-agency mechanism to coordinate diverse initiatives and catalyze collaborative action on issues relating to education and fragility.

The 2008-2011 Working Group on Education and Fragility undertook activities in the following areas of work: 1.) Strengthen the evidence base on education and fragility; 2.) engage with national and regional stakeholders through a series of Consultative Workshops; 3.) Determine effective modalities to support the financing of education in fragile context; and 4.) Raise issues in education and fragility and advocate for policy change. 

The 2011-2013 Working Group on Education and Fragility is currently undertaking activities that contribute towards the achievement of the INEE goal for 2011-2013 – the provision of quality, safe and relevant education for all is strengthened in crisis and crisis-prone contexts through prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. The goal of the Working Group is to contribute to crisis-sensitive education in fragile and conflict-affected contexts through inter-agency collaboration at global, regional, and country levels. During the Working Group's fourth binannual meeting in April 2013 in Paris, France, it was decided that the Working Group will extend its mandate by one year, until September 2014.

Among its many achievements, the Working Group has produced country reports, frameworks, guidelines and tools, which currently inform donors, policymakers, practioners, educators, researchers, and other stakeholders in their work related to education and fragility. These key resources are also piloted and utilized by Working Group Members within their organizations' activities on education and fragility