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Seminar “Education and Cooperation in Emergencies: concepts, agendas, actors and challenges

10 March 2017

INEE and Institute of Education of Minho University (IE) are hosting the International Seminar “Education and Cooperation in Emergencies: concepts, agendas, actors and challenges”, taking place on the 7th April 2017 at IE, Braga, Portugal.



The INEE meetings in Portugal constitute an excellent opportunity to promote INEE within the Lusophone contexts and to strengthen education in emergencies (EiE) within Portuguese cooperation, as well as to reflect upon the role of Higher Education (HE) in EiE and to establish stronger links between HE institutions and CSOs at the national and the international levels in order to develop possible joint cooperation programs in this area.

The Institute of Education at Minho University has integrated the field of EiE into its efforts to develop international and global citizenship education programs. Main initiatives include the integration of EiE in the recently-created doctoral program on education, specialization in Curriculum Development, area of concentration – Education, Cooperation and Development. The Institute of Education is also an active member in the INEE Education Policy Working Group, through the Resource Center on Cooperation for Development.

The organization of an open event, which will benefit from the presence of many INEE working group members, will consequently contribute towards knowledge sharing for WG members as well as for the wider audience, promoting reflection, teaching and research, helping to develop partnerships and to contribute to affirm this strategic area for internationalization within the framework of development cooperation. 

This event follows on from the regional consultation on the “Transforming our world: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” which was organized at Minho University in 2016. It is of relevance for the implementation of SDG 4 – ‘Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’ – within the framework of the “Incheon Declaration and Plan of Action,” which states that government and civil society organizations should address education in emergency situations by responding to the needs of children and adults and by promoting safety, resilience, and social cohesion, in order to reduce the risks of conflict.



The seminar is a free and open event.

Participantes profile:

  • Master's and PhD's programs teachers and students
  • Researchers
  • UN and Governamental agencies representatives
  • Civil Society Organizations representatives

On-line registration is mandatory, up to 4th April:

 Given space limitations the event is limited to 120 participants. Registrations in be confimed after regstration. 



  1. To promote critical reflection on Education in Emergencies and in protracted crisis concepts, practices and current challenges within the 2030 agenda;
  2. To foster information sharing, collaborative work and joint research initiatives between different stakeholders from different regions at the field level;
  3. To promote the EiE agenda in Portugal and the Lusophone contexts. 



Summary report with recommendations for future collaborative projects across key stakeholders.



(version 1)


 English is the working language across the event. Translation Portuguese - English - Portuguese will not be available.


9h00 – Registration


9h30 – Welcome and opening remarks:

            IE Director: José Augusto Pacheco;

            Pro-Rector for Internationalization: Carla Martins

            INEE Director: Dean Brooks.


10h00 – Session 1: “Education and Emergencies: Mapping the field”

              This session aims to create a shared understanding about EiE concepts, definitions, and framework for further discussion during the Seminar. Presenters will map the key theories and topics that shape the field of Education in Emergencies and engage in an interactive activity with the audience.

           Amsterdam University - Mieke Lopes Cardozo

           Teacher’s College, Columbia University - Mary Mendenhall and S. Garnett Russell


11h00 -Coffee break 


11h30 – Session 2 “EiE: conflict sensitivity”

              This session will allow particioants to understand the basic principles of conflict sensitivity in education; understand how CSE contributes to 2030 Agenda goals and targets; Have increased awareness of INEE CSE Pack, training materials and resources and their use; and be aware of future INEE CSE Training opportunities. 


           INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Pack, Portuguese translation – Resource Center for Cooperation and Development.

           Global Platform for Syrian Students - “Setting up a Rapid Response Mechanism for Higher Education in Emergencies”


13h00 – Lunch break


14h30 – Session 3: “Fostering Synergies in EiE – thematic discussion groups” 

              This breakout group session aims to foster information and experience sharing between different stakeholders and across different regions within 3 thematic groups . Participants are invited to discuss about the challenges and opportunities within each topic. Participants should choose in which group they want to participate. 

           Group 1: EiE teaching, training and capacity development

           Group 2: EiE: research and knowledge management

           Group 3: EiE trends and agendas


16h00 – Plenary session


16h30 – Final remarks


EiE resources and materials exhibition

Parallel to the Seminar there will be a space available to display materials and resources related to EiE. In case your organization wants to present some materials please let us know what and which space will be needed (email us or add the information to the registration form).  


This initiative will be supoorted by a group of volunteers engaging the Resource Centre for Cooperation and Development of University of Minho. 


For more information email us to