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Research and Evidence

Evidence for Education in Emergencies

21 June 2018

By Sonja Anderson

It is estimated that more than 75 million children are in dire need of educational support in crisis-affected contexts. In situations of conflict and displacement education not only opens doors, providing opportunities to children and youth that they otherwise would not receive, but education can also offering a safe space and access to life saving

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Towards Evidence-Based Financing for Education in Emergencies

15 May 2018

A blog series by NORRAG and INEE

This page introduces a new blog series by NORRAG and INEE to promote discussion of and explore the linkages between financing and evidence for education in emergencies (EiE). The strikingly low share of international humanitarian funding allocated to education is not sufficient to support the unprecedented

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Webinar: Connected learning for refugee higher education

10 January 2018

Connected Learning: Expanding higher education access for refugees  

On 18 January 2018, the INEE Tech Task Team, together with UNHCR and members of the Connected Learning in Crises Consortium, explored innovative higher education programming for refugees through an interactive webinar. 

Jigsaw Consult and Refugee Support Network recently completed a

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Announcing JEiE Vol. 3: SPECIAL ISSUE of the Journal on Education in Emergencies

5 July 2017

by the Journal on Education in Emergencies Editorial Board (from the “Editorial Note in Vol. 3, Num. 1”)  

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Journal on Education in Emergencies, Volume 3, Number 1.

Every theme that appears in the Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE) is by definition timely and important.

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Journal on Education in Emergencies Volume 2

20 December 2016

by the Journal on Education in Emergencies Editorial Board (from the “Editorial Note” in the second issue)

We are pleased to announce the second issue of the Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE). This issue features articles that analyze educational programs formarginalized and vulnerable populations living in a wide range of circumstances of

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Le nouveau Rapport mondial de suivi sur l’éducation (GEM) de l’UNESCO de 2016

20 September 2016

Le nouveau Rapport mondial de suivi sur l'éducation (GEM) de l’UNESCO de 2016 est disponible en ligne.

Ce rapport  "montre le pouvoir que détient l’éducation pour favoriser les progrès de tous les objectifs mondiaux (ODD) visés dans le nouveau Programme de développement

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Dubai Cares launches new funding for evidence in education in emergencies

20 September 2016



Dubai Cares announces new USD 10 million Research Envelope for the field of Education in Emergencies on the sidelines of the 71st UN General Assembly   Five-year research envelope will inform policy and decision-makers on global and national policies and practices   &

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Call for Papers: JEiE Special Issue on Education and Peacebuilding

10 August 2016

The Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE) is planning a special issue on peacebuilding, scheduled for publication in the spring of 2017. For this issue, JEiE calls for papers that focus on issues related to education and peacebuilding in emergency settings, broadly conceived. We welcome both theoretical and empirical research articles that address topics surrounding education

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Assessment for Learning: An international platform to support national learning assessment systems

4 December 2015

by Rebecca Winthrop, Director, Center for Universal Education and Senior Fellow, Global Economy and Development

This blog post was originally posted on 3 December 2015 by Brookings.

A new discussion document, titled "Assessment for Learning (A4L): An International Platform to Support National Learning Assessment Systems," has been released with the goal of

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Protecting Education from Attack

10 November 2015

by Diya Nijhowne, Director, Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack

This post was originally published in the November 2015 Protecting Education Newsletter.

Ahead of the third year anniversary of the Pakistani Taliban’s shooting of schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai in a violent reaction to her commitment to girls’ education, GCPEA convened a

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