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Preparedness and Contingency Planning

Working Towards Global Standards for Education in Emergencies

26 March 2014

An interview with Jonathan Penson, War Child Holland Amsterdam

Jonathan Penson, Senior Education Advisor with War Child Holland in Amsterdam, offers insight into how the organization is providing educational programs that offer positive learning environments, ensure quality teaching, and promote community involvement within conflict-affected areas.  In this interview with Katie Zanoni, INEE Minimum Standards Team Member, Jonathan further

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The challenges of providing quality education in conflict areas

23 April 2013

Originally posted by UNICEF.

Earlier this month, UNICEF attended a UNESCO-INEE organized symposium on Conflict-Sensitive Education – Why and How? in Paris with Ministers of Education from around the world. Conflict-Sensitive Education is a key component of UNICEF’s new four-year programme on Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy, supported by the Government of the Netherlands. The “

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