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Commemorating Jackie Kirk, 2008-2018 - Events for next year!

13 August 2017

{image-1}In August 2008, Dr. Jacqueline (Jackie) Kirk was tragically killed with her colleagues Mohammad Aimal, Shirley Case, and Nicole Dial while working for the International Rescue Committee in Afghanistan.

Jackie Kirk was an extremely active INEE member and a passionate advocate for quality education in emergencies. A technical specialist in education in emergencies and post-conflict, with a

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Rapport annuel de l’INEE 2016

22 July 2017

Nous avons le plaisir de partager avec vous le rapport annuel 2016 de l’INEE, un résumé des activités et des réalisations du réseau au cours de l’année dernière.  

En tant que communauté de pratique dynamique, le r&

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INEE 2016 Annual Report

22 July 2017

We are pleased to share with you the INEE Annual Report 2016, a summary of the activities and accomplishments of the network during a very busy last year.  

As a vibrant community of practice, the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) continues to serve its members through its core functions of community-building, convening, knowledge

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Call for Case Studies: Roundtable on PSS and SEL in crisis-affected contexts

13 July 2017

INEE Roundtable: Psychosocial Support & Social and Emotional Learning in crisis-affected contexts

~ Call for Case Studies ~

Deadline for abstracts: 4 August 2017


This Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) roundtable - scheduled for October 18th 2017 in Florence, Italy, with virtual participation to

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INEE Membership Certificate - get yours today!

23 May 2017

Dear INEE members,  

We are thrilled to let you know that INEE now has more than 13,000 members!  

We have grown a lot during the past 17 years, and it is more true than ever that our members - YOU - are the network’s greatest asset. To illustrate the diversity and breadth of

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INEE 2015 Annual Report

1 August 2016

We are pleased to share with you the INEE 2015 Annual Report, a summary of the activities and accomplishments of the network during a very busy year.

2015 was a big year for INEE!

It was a year that saw the bright culmination of a decade and a half of advocacy at several global events.

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Rapport annuel de l’INEE 2015

1 August 2016

Nous sommes heureux de partager avec vous  Le rapport annuel de l'INEE 2015, un résumé des activités et réalisations du réseau durant toute cette année très chargée.

2015 a été une grande année pour

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Informe Anual de la INEE 2015

1 August 2016

Nos complace compartir con ustedes el Informe Anual de INEE 2015, un resumen de las actividades y logros de la red durante un año muy activo.

¡2015 fue un gran año para la INEE!

Fue un año que vio la brillante culminación de una década y &

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UNRWA hosts the biannual INEE Working Group meetings, Amman

3 May 2016

The article was orginally posted on 3 May, 2016 on the by the United Nations Relief and Works Acency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).


UNRWA hosted more than 80 education practitioners, policymakers, academics, non-government officials, UN staff and representatives from countries across the globe who gathered in Amman, Jordan,

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Réunions de l’INEE pour ses 15 ans

30 October 2015

La semaine dernière, une partie de la très grande communauté de l’INEE (+11 500 membres) s’est réunie à Genève dans les locaux du HCR des Nations Unies pour sa réunion bi-annuelle des Groupes de travail, du Secrétariat et du Comité

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