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Call for Case Studies: Roundtable on PSS and SEL in crisis-affected contexts

13 July 2017

INEE Roundtable: Psychosocial Support & Social and Emotional Learning in crisis-affected contexts

~ Call for Case Studies ~

Deadline for abstracts: 4 August 2017


This Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) roundtable - scheduled for October 18th 2017 in Florence, Italy, with virtual participation to be confirmed - will bring together education and psychosocial support practitioners and researchers working in the field of education in emergencies (EiE) and protracted crises. The aim is to share recent research, practices and tools, discuss innovative approaches, and articulate knowledge gaps in the field of psychosocial support (PSS) and social and emotional learning (SEL), with the ultimate goal of producing policy and future research recommendations.

Roundtable objectives:

  1. Launch the INEE Background Paper and forthcoming INEE Guidance Note on PSS and SEL;
  2. Discuss innovative evidence-based approaches to addressing psychosocial well-being and supporting social and emotionally intelligent communities in emergencies;
  3. Articulate key knowledge gaps in the field of PSS and SEL, especially linkages between PSS & SEL programs with learning outcomes;
  4. Develop policy and future research recommendations for PSS and SEL programming in education in emergencies.

Call for case studies:

INEE is inviting practitioners to submit case studies that outline emerging research on PSS or SEL, or innovative evidence-based approaches for PSS-SEL programme delivery specific to crisis-affected contexts. Case study papers will provide a basis for informed discussions during the round table and will offer evidence of existing approaches as well as addressing key knowledge gaps in the field of PSS-SEL.  

The case studies selected will reflect the following criteria:

  • Presents emerging research on PSS and SEL outcomes in crisis-affected contexts.
  • Presents innovative evidence-based, good practice in PSS or SEL programme implementation in crisis-affected contexts (i.e. toolkits, training materials, programming models).
  • Present new tools to measure PSS and SEL outcomes in crisis-affected contexts.
  • Present locally designed and created evidence-based and evidence-generating PSS & SEL interventions from the global south and conflict affected regions.

N.B. Case study submissions must be written in English. For information and assistance with this requirement, please contact

Other information:

Those submitting case study papers should be prepared to attend the round table and present their paper in a 10-minute presentation to a small group.  INEE encourages representation of organizations and individuals from the global south. Whilst INEE cannot cover travel expenses for all participants, some small grants may be available to cover travel for participants from the global south.

Submitting Case Studies:

Please submit all application materials to: with subject: “Application – Case Study for INEE PSS-SEL Round table [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] [YOUR NAME]”. For any additional questions relating to the roundtable, please send all correspondence to the same email address. Only case studies that include qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, process evaluation, or monitoring data will be considered.

Key deadlines:

4 August 2017 - Case Study abstract (1,000 words)

  • Please complete this template
  • Abstracts must be written in English
  • Selected abstracts will be invited to present a full case study at the round table

30 September 2017 - Full case study submission (1,500 words)