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Inclusive Education Task Team - Member Recruitment

5 June 2018

Dear INEE members: We are pleased to announce a possible re-activation of the INEE Inclusive Education Task Team (IETT) – a collective of volunteer members invested in supporting inclusive education initiatives in emergencies. The mandate of the IETT has been to: a) develop tools and publications; b) advocate for inclusive education in emergencies; and c) improve stakeholder capacity to deliver ...

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Fighting for better financing for education

23 May 2018

by Peter Hyll-Larsen  |  This blog post is adapted from the original post published on the Finn Church Aid website. Fighting for better financing for education – on the Southern streets or in the Northern corridors of power?     How is advocacy best done for financing of education and the SDG goal 4, especially in situations of ...

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Towards Evidence-Based Financing for Education in Emergencies

15 May 2018

A blog series by NORRAG and INEE This page introduces a new blog series by NORRAG and INEE to promote discussion of and explore the linkages between financing and evidence for education in emergencies (EiE). The strikingly low share of international humanitarian funding allocated to education is not sufficient to support the unprecedented need of children ...

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Textbooks are still essential

1 May 2018

by Paul Gibbings A web-portal development securing better provision to schools Hard copy textbooks are still an essential learning tool in the hands of the pupils and school staff in developing nations, especially those in rural and remote areas. This is likely to be the case for the foreseeable future in spite of all the technological advances that are showcased ...

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Jackie Kirk Outstanding Book Award 2018

16 April 2018

by Emily Varni, INEE Intern Each year, the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) recognizes a recently published book with the Jackie Kirk Outstanding Book Award. Created in 2010, the Award honors the late Dr. Jacqueline (Jackie) Kirk’s profound commitment to and continued impact on the field of international and comparative education. The Jackie Kirk Outstanding Book award pays ...

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Webinar: EdTech in Emergencies - What the evidence shows us

9 April 2018

EdTech in Emergencies: What the evidence shows us Date: Thursday, 12 April 2018, at 10:30am EDT (New York) Presenters: Luke Stannard and Michaelle Tauson Moderator: Dr. Negin Dahya Organized by the INEE Tech Task Team Presentation(s): INEE EdTech Presentation 12 April 2018.pdf (click to view/download) Recording: (1h:01m), also embedded below &...

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LAUNCH: ICT Inventory for Education in Emergencies

20 March 2018

The INEE Technology Task Team is pleased to announce the launch of the ICT Inventory for Education in Emergencies! About The ICT Inventory is an interactive, online database of technology resources for delivering quality education in emergencies. The ICT Inventory curates technology tools that are, or can be, used to deliver education, as well as projects where ...

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VIDEO: Voices of Teachers from Conflict Zones

17 March 2018

The Post Conflict and Peace Education Alliance has developed ‘Voices of Teachers from Conflict Zones’, a short 5-minute film that gives an authentic and legitimate voice to teachers, and supports them in having their message heard. The video production team interviewed 17 teachers from Uganda, Sierra Leone, India, Mali, Afghanistan and Colombia about their experiences ...

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LAUNCH: EiE Thematic Area Pages

15 March 2018

INEE is excited to launch a new collection of thematic webpages! Thanks to contributions from a wide variety of experts, we have updated and developed the Thematic Areas section of the INEE website in order to highlight some of the most important areas of education in emergencies work. The thematic areas listed below represent much of the core activities of ...

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Edtech in Emergencies: What the Evidence Shows Us

26 February 2018

by Luke Stannard and Michaelle Tauson Save the Children works to ensure children displaced by conflict or caught up in humanitarian crises secure access to quality learning opportunities. Increasingly Educational Technology (EdTech) has been proposed as a potential solution to solve the ‘learning crisis’ in humanitarian contexts. Quality education is one of the key focuses of ...

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