Promoting access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis

Advocacy Working Group

The INEE Advocacy Working Group (AWG) was established in 2012. The group originally focused on reaching the goals set in the Education Cannot Wait: Call to Action, in addition to responding to emerging advocacy opportunities identified by the members of the AWG. The work of the AWG has fed directly into multiple post-2015 agendas, following a targeted, multi-agency advocacy strategy implemented and monitored throughout 2015.

The AWG will be re-constituted -- including new members, priorities, and work plan -- during the final months of 2015.

The AWG works in an integrated, dynamic, consultative and transparent manner, ensuring highlighting of and linkages between individual organizations’ advocacy campaigns and the overall goals of the working group. The AWG also serves to track the progress of work on goals and objectives, and promotes the changes created by individual organizations and the AWG itself. Finally the WG is a place to share upcoming events and opportunities for advocacy so that all INEE members can benefit from these opportunities.

Objectives and methods

The overall objective of the INEE Advocacy Working Group is to sustain education in humanitarian crisis, and especially in conflict. The objectives are to advocate for the following:

  • Prioritizing: Education in emergencies receives increased funding
  • Protecting: National governments, development partners, militaries and armed groups treat learning environments as safe spaces and protect schools, universities, students and educators from attack
  • Planning: All education sector policies and plans in priority countries are crisis sensitive


Activities and events

In addition to responding to emerging advocacy opportunities identified by the members of the WG that are in align with the group's objectives, the group has organized several high level events. Click here for more information.

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