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Advocacy for Education in Emergencies

The provision and protection of education during periods of emergency
is not a choice, but an obligation.*


INEE Advocacy on Education First and Education Cannot Wait: Call to Action

On 26 September 2012, The UN Secretary-General launched Education First, a five-year education strategy that includes, as the second “Key Action”: Sustain Education in humanitarian crises, especially conflict.

In support of Education First, the education in emergencies community came together and developed Education Cannot Wait, a call to action created to ensure adequate funding in humanitarian emergencies, protection of education from attack, and emergency-sighted education sector plans. The Education Cannot Wait agenda includes:

  • PLAN for prevention, preparedness and response. Education sector plans must analyse, respond to, monitor, and budget for potential risks affecting the education system. They must ensure that education is equitable, inclusive and relevant, and that education continues throughout crisis.
  • PRIORITIZE what children, youth, and families affected by crisis want. Increased funds are needed to respond to community demands for education during a crisis. Education is a platform for all sectors to provide holistic services.
  • PROTECT children, teachers and education facilities. Protection of education spaces from attack, military use and occupation of schools must be ensured through strict observance of international humanitarian standards.

Education Cannot Wait was launched on 24 September during the 2012 UN General Assembly, and lines up directly with Education First.  Having the Education Cannot Wait: Call to Action is a critical first step, but it is only the start; in order to ensure goals are met, advocacy and action must be undertaken.

INEE Working Group

Given the need to consolidate the energy around Education First and Education Cannot Wait, and at the request of member organizations, INEE has convened the Advocacy Working Group.

For more information about the INEE Advocacy Working Group, click here.


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* Paraphrased from the UN Special Rapporteur on Education’s report, 2011

Header photo by Stacy Hughes, Amman, Jordan, 2004